2023 North Channel Cruise

Our dates for next year's North Channel Cruise will tentatively be July 22 - August 5, 2023. Stay tuned to this website and our Facebook Page for further news. Barring any further pandemics or national catastrophes, our sign-ups are generally in early Spring.

  • Keep in mind that we generally have a limit (discretion of the cruise directors) as to number of boats we can handle on the cruise. If you sign up, please show up.

  • If your plans must change, please email the cruise leaders as soon as possible and let them know so someone else can have your spot.

  • If you intend to be in the North Channel anyway but have no real intention of staying with the group or participating in group activities, don't sign up. (but you are welcome to visit us and socialize)

  • If you have special circumstances (such as arriving or departing early or late), please note that on the sign-ups.

  • Past trailer sailor group members who currently sail larger craft and would still like to be part of the group are welcome to sign up but note on the sign up form that you don't want to take a spot away from a new member. In the case of too many boats, the larger boats will be expected to anchor further out in smaller anchorages.

  • If you are new to these cruises, please read the articles on our Resources page. If you are used to staying in a marina every night, this cruise is different. You may need to brush up your anchoring skills, and you may want to purchase some additional equipment.

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