What to bring with you


  • Passports - if you are coming from the US, a passport may be required to get into Canada but is definitely required to get back in to the US.

  • Clothing for the hottest days and coldest nights - You can just never predict the weather. Plan for 45 - 95 F (7 - 35 C).

  • Rabies Certificate - obviously only needed if you are bringing a pet.

  • Proof of Automobile Insurance in Canada - check with your car/trailer/boat insurance and obtain some sort of assurance that your insurance is good in Canada.

  • Boat Registration and Title

  • Food and Groceries

  • When entering Canada from the US, you may bring in a reasonable amount of food and groceries. Grocery stores in Little Current and Gore Bay are very well-stocked. If there are items you can’t live without, bring them. There are larger stores in Espanola, but it’s a 30-minute drive from Little Current.

  • Easily portable snacks to share (Think dinghy cocktail parties, onboard get-togethers) Nobody expects elaborate hors d'oeuvres, but sometimes people surprise us!

  • Pancake mix if you would like to participate in the pancake supper. If you don’t want a mess to clean up, mix it up in a disposable container.

  • Enough water/non-alcoholic beverages to keep hydrated. Dehydration causes fatigue and mistakes. Bring reusable water bottles and keep them on deck. Think about 2.5-5 gallon jugs of drinking water.


  • Rain gear/foulies - Especially if you do not have a bimini and dodger.

  • Bug spray - for hiking, paddling or just sitting outside in some places.

  • Bear spray - In recent years there have been a few isolated incidents of a bear invading a few boats at anchor. The bear at issue was killed, but it might be prudent to bring along some bear repellent, just in case. Bear repellents are allowed to be brought into Canada, but the specifications state that bear spray must have USEPA on the label.

  • Sun Protection - The sun is very intense on the water, so use sunscreen or long sleeves and have a wide brim hat.

  • First Aid Kit - You never know when you or someone else will need a band-aid.

  • Camera/Cell Phone Camera - Especially if this is your first trip, you’ll want to save the memories.

  • Walking/Hiking Shoes - Make sure to have good shoes for climbing on the rocks or hiking into town.

  • Dinghy Bingo Prizes - This is always a fun group activity. The host boat calls the numbers, while everyone else sits in their dinghies with their markers and bingo cards. If you wish to participate, we ask that you bring 1 bingo prize per person playing on your boat (Prizes should be worth ~$5 and a little humor is OK).

  • Charts - Charts are available at Turner’s store in Little Current and here: https://www.charts.gc.ca/index-eng.html

Other optional resources:

  • Richardson’s Chart book and Cruising Guide – Lake Huron (If you only have one resource along this is your best choice.)

  • Lakeland Boating – Lake Huron Ports O’ Call

  • The Cruising Guides Ports – Georgian Bay, North Channel & Lake Huron

  • Well-Favored Passage, by fTrailer Sailors, Pixie Haughwout & Ralph Folsom.