About our Cruises

The hallmark of our organization is the annual two week North Channel cruise. The North Channel of Lake Huron is regarded as one of the best fresh water cruising grounds on the planet. No wonder people come back year after year and from great distances. Crystal clear protected waters, safe anchorages everywhere and unspoiled wilderness offer the ultimate escape! NC5
NC2 There are always group activities during the cruise, from “dinghy bingo” to our traditional pancake breakfast (and we lace the pancakes liberally with blueberries picked from the anchorage!) Each anchorage provides an opportunity to “dinghy about” and make new friends, check out other boats and investigate the shoreline. Many anchorages have excellent hiking opportunities, and it’s easy to get an informal group together for any opportunity.
Group experience is invaluable in preparing for the cruise. Information regarding charts, what to bring, regulations, customs, and border procedures are all available to members. Our Facebook Group provides a means of asking questions and searching out previous conversations. Whatever your question, someone can offer solid advice. And once on the water, the group looks out for each other – an asset when bad weather rolls in, plus a great way to learn from other sailors. After all, sailing is a life-long learning experience! NC4_1

And not just the North Channel

1148962497 Our members often put together informal cruises and visit many interesting and exotic locations. Lake of the Woods, all the Great Lakes, Florida, Bimini, Bahamas, Sea of Cortez and virtually every inland lake and waterway in North America have been our playgrounds.If you have a “special destination”, odds are that you’ll find someone with advice here! And if you are looking for somewhere different to sail, our publication “Clipper Snips” has dozens of cruise articles submitted by our members.
If you have never sailed the North Channel, or are looking for a different experience,
consider joining the Trailer/Sailors North Channel cruise!