UPDATE: Announcing 2022 North Channel Cruise – July 24-Aug 6.  Registration is now open.

The Trailer/Sailors Association was founded in 1985 to connect people who cruise and sail in trailerable sailboats. Since there was no World Wide Web then, our newsletters were our main means of communication. We charged dues to cover printing and mailing of the newsletters.  We have changed to a new model, using the Web and Facebook to communicate.  We no longer print newsletters or charge dues.

What we do:

  • Host this web site to provide a resource for those who cruise and sail in trailerable sailboats.
  • Host a Facebook Group where participants can share notes and photos about their sailing and cruising experiences.
  • Coordinate an annual summer cruise in the North Channel of Lake Huron, one of the premier cruising grounds in North America.
  • Share 30 years of back issues of our magazine Clipper Snips–a vast collection of how-to ideas, cruise reports, and reviews.

Other features may come in the future, based on your interests and support.  Possible features include: matching boats and crews, announcements of other smaller cruises, short stories about member cruises, and classified ads.

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