Float Plan

Provisional Float Plan

This plan may change due to weather or other events during the cruise.

28 July Sun–Sturgeon Cove
29 July Mon–Matheson and/or MacTavish
30 July Tues–lay day–hike to Lake LaCloche
31 July Wed–Benjamins
1 August Thurs–Gore Bay
2 August Fri–Cleary Cove
3 August Sat–Laurier (Spanish for people wanting a marina)
4 August Sun–Milo Bay
5 August Mon–Little Current
6 August Tues–Heywood Island
7 August Wed–Baie Finne–The Pool
8 August Thurs–lay day
9 August Fri–Rat Portage or Heywood depending on weather
10 August Sat–Little Current